Meet the Nurture Squad

We're delighted to bring high-vibin', farm-fresh goods into your home and heart. We're passionate about regenerative agriculture, artisan craftsmanship, and creating beauty in our community.

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Anna & Brent Wills

Bramble Hollow Farm /assets/anna-brent.jpg

Since 2004, Anna and Brent Wills have grown Bramble Hollow Farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, using managed livestock rotations, composts and soil-building techniques to diversify their pasture-based operation where they specialize in the production of heritage breeds of chickens and pigs.  The Wills grow food for direct market customers, restaurants, local retail food outlets and a small farmer owned cooperative, serving Bedford County and the greater Roanoke Valley region.

Working with the land and animals is a family endeavor at the farm. Since 2016, Jack has operated Jack’s Eggs providing pastured GMO-free eggs to his community and a growing list of followers. Marren can often be found exploring her own interests which include chicks, chicks, flowers, and chicks.

Beyond the farm, Brent and Anna are members of the Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF), the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA), the Heritage Poultry Breeders and are a certified breeding flock with the Sustainable Poultry Network (SPN).  Brent does soil and agroecology consulting with farmers and serves on the Board of Directors for VABF, serving as President for the past 5 years.

Most recently, Anna has found joy in breeding chickens for a rainbow of egg colors and experimenting with chicken broth recipes. She enjoys growing food, harvesting food, cooking food and sharing food.

Hannah Patrick

Luddite Farmer /assets/hannah.jpg

I’m Hannah, the Luddite Farmer. I call myself a luddite - not because I don’t own a phone or use email (I do!) but because I think it’s important to question the technology we use to replace skilled human labor, knowledge, traditions, and the ties that bind communities together. Farming is, for me, an attempt to gain a better understanding of what a healthy relationship to technology and resource use looks like. I love getting to use my body, energy, and time to grow food and flowers to share with others!

Jeff Wood

Goose Creek Gardens Woman holding a box of fresh cut flowers

The world of flowers allows Jeff to use his eye for beauty, his pleasure in assembling, and when necessary, his skills with a fast car and a sharp knife. Whether it's gathering buckets of wild meadow beings on the roadside, or the abundance of the garden, Jeff is happy to help share the blooms that make him smile.


Wingstem Farm Woman smiling at camera in blue knit scarf

Lexi and her husband Mark have more than 20 years of learning and utilizing sustainable farming practices. They have lived at Wingstem Farm in Montvale with their son for almost 10 years, and both grew up in Virginia. Lexi has run extensive vegetable gardens but now focuses more on raising botanicals with topical and craft-related uses. Along with 15 years of chicken husbandry experience, and 8 years cultivating mushrooms, she's been a Warre beekeeper for 7. In all these things permaculture's main principles inform our evolving philosophy. We strive to maximize the ecological integrity of the land and its wooded mountains, pasture lands, and wetland ecosystems (protected by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service conservation easement) and live in awe of the diversity of plant and wildlife all around. Hiking and foraging for food and dye stuffs are a favorite family activity.

Inspired by botanical forms in nature, you will often find Lexi collecting nature's flotsam and jetsam; seed hulls, cicada wings, pieces of bark and lichen. She is especially drawn to organic variations of the one-of-a-kind seen throughout nature and in hand made creations.

Her educational background is primarily in fine arts (painting, drawing, and sculpture & ceramics), but since finishing her Bachelor's Degree she has experimented and self-taught with a variety of fiber forms and techniques, including both wet and needle felting with wool and silk, shibori dyeing protein fibers, traditional sewing and embroidery, as well as adapting traditional basket weaving and crochet techniques to create a range of art and accessories. In recent years her interests have pivoted toward surface design and the natural dye stuffs that surround her on the farm, both wild and cultivated.

Nancy Maurelli

Goose Creek Gardens Woman holding a box of fresh cut flowers

Nancy enjoys wearing hats: In the kitchen, in the garden, just for fun. She is proud to be collaborating with other ecologically-minded growers in the beautiful Goose Creek Valley and Roanoke to bring beauty and nurture to our community.

An avid, early-adopter of local foods, Nancy enjoys cultivating herbs, flowers, and vegetables, and converting these into nourishing products (alchemy in the kitchen is her second love). 2022 is her 7th CSA season, and her focus this year is assisting others to develop personal relationships with the natural world, especially the plant kingdom, and nature spirits.

Ruth & Matt Reyer

Reyer Farmstead Woman on tractor with adorable little dog on lap

Ruth is a self-taught grower passionate about food sovereignty and intentional living. Alongside her husband, and their dog Isaac (pictured above), they maintain a small, diverse market garden grown in accordance, and reciprocation, with nature. Their garden focuses on soil health first and foremost, aiming to elevate nature’s perfect design through intentional, regenerative methods and organic practices. Ruth is 500-hr CYT in Vinyasa and Ayurveda and is a 2022 VCE Master Gardener Trainee. She enjoys creating, cooking, reading, hiking, and nurturing all creatures great and small.

Suzi Branch

Woman smiling

Suzi is an enthusiastic local food afficionado, gift-giver, nature explorer, and avid student of the web of life. Suzi was "on board" with Goose Creek Gardens even in the land search phase in 2015, and she continues to help raise the vibe and lighten the load in myriad ways to this day. Edible Goose Creek is glad to have her as part of our "nurture squad," distribution help, and hands-in-the-dirt!